Tick tock. Sweat rolled from my brow. Tick tock. Five minutes left. Tick tock. The rest of the noise was drowned out by the persistent ticking. Four minutes left. The tapping of a pencil to my left drove me insane. Three minutes left. The words on the board just blended together. Tock tick. Two minutes left. What would I do with all the free time? Tock tick tock. One minute left. “I want a 700 word essay for tomorrow,” Ringggggggggggggggg. In an instant, my day had been ruined. All the fun had been sucked out by some time vampire.

Aboard the bus, the time was marked with the bang of the windows. Every minute, someone got the idea to open and close the windows forcefully. Five minutes until I must work tirelessly. Someone shouted in front of me. SLAM! Four minutes left. The bus jumped two feet in the air as it hit a bump. Bang! Four minutes left. “Dude! Stop shooting spitballs.” Thump! Three minutes left. “The wheels on the bus go round and round.” Two minutes left. Eeeeerk. Loose metal parts sounded like a baby’s rattle. One minute left. Crunch! The bus screeched to a halt and my thousand years of labor was about to begin.

Five hours until I sleep. The overwhelming work load crushed my spirits like a twig. Gong went the grandfather clock. Four hours left. The thrill of procrastination felt wild inside. Gong! Three hours left. I watched the paint and the seconds tick by. Gong! Two hours left. A scream from my mother “Get your homework finished! H!” Gong! One hour left. I was in a fury to get a 700 word essay done in one hour. Last minute. “And now the News report for tomorrow. Severe snow storms. There has been a state wide cancellation.”

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