PERU – River Road resident Florence Hastings must travel to Canton and back to go to the Peru Post Office to get her mail each day because the road has been closed.

In August, the railroad bridge was declared unsafe and barricades were placed to close the road. Hastings, who lives just across the bridge and is the only Peru resident on the road, has been in constant contact with the town office over the situation.

Selectmen have tried to contact railroad officials to meet with her, but have not been successful. One suggestion discussed Monday night was to have Hastings change her address to Canton because she lives on the Peru-Canton line.

Hastings could not be reached for comment Monday night.

In other issues, the Planning Board had been requested by Selectman Jim Pulsifer to attend the meeting. Pulsifer brought up the issue of a recent building permit on Worthly Pond that he said had not been supervised closely and the height requirement was violated.

Code Enforcement Officer Jack Plumley said the contractor was modifying the building to be in compliance. Pulsifer said the Planning Board should have Plumley check on buildings as they were being constructed to avoid such problems. The board voted to compensate Plumley for additional inspections.

Plumley was also appointed temporary licensed plumbing inspector until he can become certified.

Resident Larry Bovitz brought his complaint to the board regarding late or no plowing on his dirt road. Pulsifer said people on town roads have a right to have plowed roads.

Pulsifer and board Chairman Bill Scott differed over what to do when a town truck got stuck while plowing. Scott said another town truck should try to pull the stuck vehicle out before calling for a tow truck. Pulsifer said it made no sense to tie up another plow truck for towing. The consensus was that the plow trucks just shouldn’t get stuck because outside towing is expensive and time consuming.

Selectman Rodney Jamison angrily accused Pulsifer and Scott of running the board after a discussion on pay for road employees. Several members of the board disagreed on what had actually been said recently in executive session.

State law requires that decisions be made in public session.

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