As we pulled into the parking lot I stepped out of the car with my two friends, Phillip and Jordan. We had decided to go to a high school football game between Dirigo and Livermore Falls in Dirigo with Jordan’s parents. I was excited and I was ready to see some real Maine football. “Hey Jordan who’s gonna win?” I questioned.

“I don’t know,” he said. Livermore had a record of 3-1 before the game, and Dirigo had a record of 1-3. Livermore seemed to be the favored winner but Dirigo was at home and was prepared for the Campbell Conference battle. As we walked up to the field the game was just starting. The fans had come to support both teams and I saw Livermore Falls was trying to score on their opening drive. They failed and the ball went to the Cougars. The Andies stopped them soon after and the game went on like this till midway through the second quarter. Dirigo scored on a three yard scramble by Nick Crutchfield. The half would have no more scoring and as the teams headed for the locker rooms for half-time, I could tell that it was going to be a good second half.

“Wanna go get a Gatorade.” I questioned Jordan.

“Sure,” he answered. We walked up to the “snack shack” and asked for Lemon Lime and Orange Gatorades. I cracked open the top of the drink and I took a long drink. The cold, orange liquid streamed down my throat like a fountain and I said a long awaited ‘ah.’ We walked back over to the field where I started to see the Livermore Falls QB, Kevin. Gats, get a good pass off to Chandler White. White jumped up to get it and he came down with it. The score was tied 6-6.

The rest of the third quarter flew by and the fourth quarter started. With a little under seven minutes to play the Andes scored on another White touchdown. This time he did it on a rushing play. White ran it 20 yards into the touchdown. Livermore tried to convert a two point conversion, but failed. The Andies kicked it off to the Cougars and Senior Derek Daley returned it to Livermore’s ’45’. Eventually, Dirigo got it down to the one yard line and Daley punched it in on a third down. Then Crutchfield rushed in for the two point conversion to make the score Dirigo 14, Livermore Falls 12. Livermore Falls had one last chance with 30 seconds left to go. Gats heaved the football down the field but two Cougar defenders were there to stop it. The ball was intercepted as one of the Dirigo dove into the ground while intercepting the ball. Dirigo won the game and they also kept the playoff dream alive. It was a great game with a great finish.

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