Board: Mechanic Falls council

Met: Monday

Water rate increase

Issue: Next year, the water department will be spending more than it collects unless it’s granted a rate increase.

The scoop: For the past nine years, there’s been no increase in the rates charged to Mechanic Falls public water system users; however, water Superintendent Steve French predicts that at current rates, the department will be losing money next year. If approved by the state Public Utilities Commission, water rates for residential customers will rise 12 percent.

Up next: A public hearing on the proposed new rate will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 19, in the municipal building.

Transfer station fees

Issue: To prolong the life of the town’s landfill and to recover items that can be recycled, large furniture such as sofas, recliners and mattresses must be disassembled into their component parts before they are accepted at the transfer station, or, if a resident wishes to dispose of such an item without breaking it down into its recyclable parts, a fee must be paid.

The scoop: The council set a rate from $5 to $15, depending on the size of the item, for furniture that is not broken down. The fee will be collected beginning Jan. 1.

Extended office hours

Issue: Some residents find it difficult to conduct their business at the town office.

The scoop: The council voted to keep the town office open until 7 p.m. one evening a week. The council did not decide which day of the week will be chosen. The extended hours will begin in January.

New assessors

The scoop: The town’s assessor, Wade Rainey, informed the council that he wishes to void his contract effective Jan. 1. The council approved hiring O’Donnell Associates to take over the duties of town assessor with the start of the new year.

– Winslow Durgin

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