Board: Lewiston City Council

Met: Tuesday night

Overdue book fines

Issue: The Lewiston Public Library has not increased its fine for overdue books in 20 years, and directors wanted the city’s support in doubling the daily fine from 5 cents to 10 cents. Maximum fines would increase from $3 to $5.

Up next: Councilors approved unanimously. New fines take affect immediately.

Personnel board

Issue: Voters eliminated the personnel board from the City Charter last year. That was the group tasked with testing prospective police and firefighters, and those functions are now handled by the human resources department.

The scoop: Some city ordinances still refer to the personnel board, however. Staff was asking councilors to remove all references from the city’s rules.

Up next: Councilors agreed, passing it unanimously. They’ll see it again on Dec. 18.

Christmas Eve

Issue: City Hall and other non-emergency city offices normally close at noon on Christmas Eve. Since that day falls on a Monday this year, Councilor Norm Rousseau is recommending the city simply close its offices for the entire day on Christmas Eve.

Up next: Councilors agreed unanimously, giving city staff an early present.

January schedule

Issue: Councilors normally meet on the first and third Tuesdays of the week, but the first Tuesday in January happens to fall on New Years Day, when city offices are closed. With the inauguration for Mayor Larry Gilbert, the new City Council and the School Committee set for Monday, Jan. 7, councilors had options.

The scoop: Members of the sitting council asked incoming councilors whether they wanted to schedule regular meetings on the third and fifth Tuesdays in January – Jan. 15 and 29 – or on the second and fourth Tuesdays.

Up next: Councilors opted for regular meetings on the 15th and 29th. They’ll go back to their first and third Tuesday night schedule in February.

Police get drug-bust money

Issue: The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency shares the proceeds from drug busts with the other police agencies involved. In Lewiston’s case, that money is put into a special account to help pay for drug enforcement actions.

The scoop: Councilors on Tuesday accepted proceeds from two drug arrests, amounting to a share of $30,000 in seized assets.

Liquor licenses

Issue: Local restaurants and bars must reapply for liquor licenses and amusement permits each year. Liquor licenses let them serve alcohol; amusement permits let them play music, have a DJ or karaoke, or have games on site.

The scoop: Councilors approved a new liquor license for CDDL Associates Inc., 33 Sabattus St

Councilors renewed a special amusement permit for the Ramada, 490 Pleasant St.

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