I have noted the many articles about the Low Income Home Energy Program (LIHEAP), but I have not seen any articles about how many people are very cold because they haven’t received any funds to date.

What good does it do to apply for heating assistance in the fall, and then not receive help until well into the winter? This winter, in particular, will be tragic, as many will not be able to stay warm. Then there are frozen pipes, etc.

Why don’t our politicians (warm and snuggly in their toasty offices and homes) become sensible and begin taking applications in June for the coming bitterly cold weather. It’s kind of an oxymoron, though, to link politicians and sensible in the same sentence.

Perhaps people could band together and start a fund for oil for the really needy. Just think, if each person gave one gallon, about $3.50, each month, many elderly and ill would be warm. Imagine – 100 people buying 100 gallons of oil. That would be a godsend for some who have none.

Barbara Farrar, South Paris

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