NORWAY – Highway Superintendent Ron Springer says “Let it snow.” The department is ready.

“I’ve got plenty of salt and sand. I’ve got two loads going in today, and we’ll be salting the roads today,” Springer said Friday of the tons of salt and sand the town stockpiles each season to make sure the roads are safe and passable.

While he hasn’t checked his budget yet, Springer said he believes the town should be in good shape even if the stormy weather continues through the winter, which officially began Saturday.

“It’s been a long time since it snowed in November and it stayed. Five or six years, I think. It hardly ever happens anymore,” Springer said. The greatest snowfall in December was in 1970, when the National Weather Service recorded 54.8 inches.

Last year, the Norway area had what Springer called in his year-end report two “practice storms” of 1 or 2 inches and then nothing major until March and April, when two major back-to-back storms ending in rain reminded everyone what winter could really be like.

Springer said he doesn’t mind the snow. “It’s been good. I read in the almanac that we’re in for a real New England winter. I hope it is, and then that we get a real New England spring. There’ll be snow for everyone who wants it,” he said.


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