People may not realize that the U.S. government wants to build a wall from California to Texas, along the border with Mexico, to keep out illegal aliens. History has shown that high walls have not kept the intended people out.

Maybe government officials just want to spend the public’s money. They must think we have way too much. But spending that money would not benefit anyone except the contractors building the walls.

If we look back through history, China build their Great Wall, meant to keep out warring Huns and barbarians. It failed. After World War II, Russia built a wall around Berlin, dividing the West from the East. People went over and under, escaping any way possible. And, finally, the wall came down.

Now, our country is trying to do the same thing, but walls don’t work.

Government officials are trying to keep people out who have been doing many jobs that legal residents don’t want to do. If the wall really kept them out, who would do their work?

People from Mexico have been coming here for years, and maybe there are some who probably should not be here.

But think of this: As tourists, we go to a sunny resort in Mexico to get away, to relax. They welcome us with open arms and show their hospitality. Maybe if this wall goes up, they would not be so open and tell us to look elsewhere for vacation.

Gerry Labrie, Auburn

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