In his Sun Journal letter of Jan. 5, Dr. Edward Walworth of Lewiston counters Mark Cushman, who, in his letter of Dec. 16, mentioned the fact that “although the United States has 20,000 gun laws, none of which has done much to reduce crime.”

Walworth then goes on to propose that only one law would be necessary: If everyone who bought or owned a firearm were required to undergo fingerprinting, and thorough mental and criminal background checks, these checks currently being required for those who wish to possess a concealed weapons permit. Then, in classic incremental anti-gun fashion, Walworth recommends that two more laws be added; a waiting period before the sale/purchase transaction of a firearm goes through and, lastly, that every gun should be registered.

To parapharase Walworth, “That’s three laws, not 20,000.”

What about this?

Let’s add one more law to Walworth’s mix: Every individual who satisfies the requirements of his proposed laws is granted a concealed weapon permit upon request.

Undoubtedly, those with criminal intentions will exclude themselves from the aforementioned process and will continue to acquire their weapons through illegal means. However, the average street thug will surely think twice about mugging the little old lady with the grocery bag if he even suspects that she might be packing a loaded .32-caliber pistol.

It was true in Dodge City and it is equally true today – an armed society is a polite society.

Paul St. Jean, Lewiston

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