When reading the title Are turkeys taking over?, you may think this article is about turkeys taking over the world, actually no, this article is asking if turkeys are overwhelming the deer population.

Hunters go hunting each year for a number of reasons. One reason is that we need to keep the deer population down, right? If we didn’t, there would be deer everywhere. Then again, how many times are you driving and you turn the corner and you see wild turkeys? A lot, right? Hunters kill the deer and bring them to a deer butcher. After the butcher is finished doing his business with the deer, a hunter comes and picks up the meat for a fee of usually seventy to seventy five dollars, but the money also depends on the size of the deer.

If a hunter wants to hunt turkeys, he or she has to buy a turkey permit for twenty- two dollars, and he or she is allowed to kill only one turkey per year. So, you might as well go to a nearby store and buy a turkey for about nineteen dollars. Turkeys and deer eat the same thing, such as berries, plants, and other natural foods, which is a big problem. The law allows hunters to kill only one turkey each year, this leads to a larger turkey population, which means they’ll eat most of the food, and the deer will have no food! Eventually, with the hunters killing the deer and the turkeys eating all of the food, the deer may even become endangered!

The law should allow hunters to hunt more turkeys during hunting session. This is very important and needs to get out. We need to do the right things and protect our environment and wildlife!

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