LISBON FALLS – Eight Sturgis deputies swooped down on this village this evening and raided eight places in all, including three of the club rooms. It was at the club rooms that all of the liquors, about 500 gallons of beer and a small quantity of hard stuff, was seized. The liquors were taken to Auburn in one of the electric express cars.

• “It was right over in that corner of the porch that I stood and saw two men hung 50 years ago,” said Cyrus Greeley of Lewiston yesterday as he started to leave the Court House. “The men were Cox and Williams. Over there across Turner street was a big hill which was covered with people. Across Court Street were blueberry bushes.”

50 years ago, 1958

• A bigger and better First National Stores supermarket jammed with enough vittles to feed a couple of hungry armies and featuring bargains right down the line, from pork chops to potato chips, opens its doors in Lewiston this morning. This modern store, built at a cost exceeding $250,000, is geared for customer convenience. Shoppers visiting the store can park their autos in a spacious lot adjoining the store on Canal Street. There is room for 150 cars.

• Lewiston-Auburn got soaked with more than an inch-and-a-half of cold rain yesterday, and this caused some flooding of streets and cellars.

25 years ago, 1983

• After at least four years of violating federal air standards, Lewiston’s lower Lisbon Street is about to be redesignated a clean air area due to federal auto emission controls and a major redesign of Lewiston’s lower Lisbon Street. Lewiston’s Lisbon Street was one of three areas in the state, along with Bangor and Millinocket, that had been designated “non-attainment” areas because high carbon-monoxide levels often violated federal standards.

TAUNTON, Mass. – A Superior Court judge, saying the rights of smokers and non-smokers had to be carefully weighed, refused Friday to continue a ban on cigarette smoking by employees at a state welfare office.

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