What do you think could be improved in our school?

Jenni Brown


The fact that the gym teachers dress the part but don’t do anything…if anything, they should at least run with us to make us want to do it more-like “Hey, they’re running. I guess running isn’t so bad.”

Christian Mitchell


I think that the lunch program could be helped a little. It’s the same thing every week. There should be more choices but keep the same things that they have.

Katheryn Windhorst


I think the gym teachers not participating creates a bad image. The lunch food isn’t that great. The health center takes forever to get something done. The locking doors is understandable, but students who arrive late and park in the parking lot have to walk around, which isn’t the most fun when it snowed and the steps to go up the hill aren’t cleared.

Alyssa Raubeson


I think our bathrooms could be improved and food could cost less money.

Mr. Chovanes


I think repairing and maintaining the school properly.

Clark Chamberlin


It would be nice to have a school lunch program.

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