Is it any surprise that the American economy is hurting many Americans? This country is in an immoral, unjust and utterly inappropriate conflict and occupation of Iraq, and I and many Americans are struggling to accept that it will take the upcoming presidential election to extricate this country from that quagmire.

Americans are in a holding pattern, reading daily reports of death and destruction in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine and elsewhere, and no immediate hope of improvement. So we wait and pray for change.

In the meantime, people die violently – Iraqis, Americans, etc., and the nation’s economy performs poorly. Is it any wonder?

President Bush tries to distract the nation with his attempts to demonize Iran and pretentions of peace-seeking in Israel/Palestine, while the killing continues unabated, even escalated by his visits.

Perhaps the economy (primarily the American consumer) is wise to be depressed during this “decent interval” (Kissinger/Nixon term), which is a totally indecent time.

This nation continues to follow a failed, unjust path to preserve the face of the incumbent politicians and their failed policies and practices.

We can best support our troops by praying for their safe return and working for an appropriate and just foreign policy.

Edward Ferreira, New Sharon

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