I was very upset to read Jan. 21 that Auburn Community Services Director Eric Labelle had called for a study for four rotaries on Center Street and a new Union Street bypass.

It was stated in the article that Labelle had heard “… very few negatives about the roundabouts.” I wonder why. People have probably figured what’s the point of complaining. City officials will do what they want anyway.

Well, now I’m complaining.

I believe that most senior citizens don’t care for change. Labelle will be a senior citizen one day. He will find out.

I like things just as they are – no change. I hate the roundabouts and refuse to use them.

I would be at that meeting on Feb. 6 to complain loudly, but I don’t care to drive on Route 4 after dark. What I don’t like, I avoid.

If Auburn officials go along with that plan, I will find some other town to shop in.

Judith P. Baird, Turner

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