This is in response to Diana Smith’s letter (Jan. 21), in which she apparently concluded that my children are lazy and obese. I am the man shovelling snow off the roof in a picture that was printed in the Sun Journal on Jan. 7.

My boys are the exact opposite of what Smith described. They are very active in sports and their community. They shovel snow from the neighbors’ porches and driveways; they take care of our dogs; they fill the two wood boxes; they clean their rooms; and they do dishes and other household chores.

I am a responsible parent, and I am smart enough to not put my 13-year-old son, his best friend and his cousin on a very slippery roof to shovel. I know when I was 13, I would have been doing somersaults off the roof. It was a no-brainer for me to keep them off.

People such as Smith should get all the facts before insulting anybody else’s children.

John Therrien, Lewiston

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