Supports strong immigration enforcement, such as tamper-proof documentation and employment verification. Opposes any form of amnesty; supports immigration reforms to target recruitment and retention of workers in “high demand” by U.S. companies.


Does not support a troop withdrawal deadline. Supports a “Special Partnership Force” to focus efforts on combating insurgency, while improving conditions for Iraqi citizens. Calls for a new “Marshall Plan” to enlist Middle East allies and other nations to address governments threatened by radical Islam.


Favors energy independence through government-aided development of alternatives, such as biodiesel, ethanol, coal gasification and expanded drilling in the ocean and Alaska. Also favors nuclear power, and increasing energy efficiency in homes and automobiles.

Health care:

Supports market-based health-care reforms, to extend insurance to all Americans. Would allow states to deregulate health insurance, and use existing spending on “free care” to pay for low-income insurance; make medical savings accounts tax deductible; cap malpractice suit awards and give block grants to states to “promote innovation” in Medicaid.


Would reduce tax rates for the lowest-incomes; cut payroll taxes on senior workers, and cut taxes on middle-income savings; supports a permanent cut to the corporate tax rates and incentives for business capital investment; would make “Bush tax cuts” permanent; eliminate the death tax and reform the Alternative Minimum Tax.

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