LEWISTON – Lewiston Department of Recreation youth basketball top performers for the week of Jan. 21-24. The Department does not report final scores:


Trinity Tigers vs. Farwell Blue – Leading scorers: Andrew Gosselin (T), Chad Hinkley (F); Coaches’ awards: Ben Sawyer (T), Ka’Mari Schnitker (F); Hustle: Jared Dumais (T), Nicholas Burpee (F); Sportsmanship: Alex Yarnevich (T), Nicholas Gillespie (F).

McMahon Gold vs. Pettingill Blue – Leading scorers: Ahmed Hirsi (M), Cody Lagasse (P); Coaches’ awards: Keenan Lynch (M), Lagasse (P); Hustle: Hirsi (M), Ryan Delcourt (P); Sportsmanship: Zachary Gosselin (M), Maxwell Bolduc (P).

Montello Blue vs. Longley Mustangs – Leading scorers: Mohamed Mohamed (M), Jose Rivas (L).

Coaches’ awards: Roger Rousseau (M), Abdullahi Mohamed (L); Hustle: Dolor Smith (M), Ron Vaughn (L); Sportsmanship: Zachary Bartshe (M), Rivas (L).


Martel vs. McMahon Tigers – Leading scorer: Morgan Bowen (Mc); Coaches’ awards: Taylor Sargent (Ma), Bowen (Mc); Hustle: Lauren Lecompte (Ma), Abbie Loisel (Mc); Sportsmanship: Shanon Pierce (Ma), Paige Clabby (Mc).

Montello vs. Pettingill White – Leading scorers: Victoria Crenshaw (M), Kerseyanne Goyette (P); Coaches’ award: Jenessa Talarico (M); Hustle: Crenshaw (M); Sportsmanship: Jasmine Dupont (M).

Pettingill Blue vs. Farwell Bobcats – Leading scorer: Megan Cullins (P); Coaches’ awards: Olivia Norton (P), Samantha Cote (F); Hustle: Brianna Theriault (P), Michelle Walton (F); Sportsmanship: Victoria Desjardins (P), Jami Morissette (F).

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