• Did you ever go up to Lake Auburn in the winter. Did you ever skate across that wide open space? If you love nature and never had that pleasure, you have missed something from life – that for sheer exhilaration cannot often be excelled. This has been a season of skating, and many pairs of skates have been brought from their safe hiding places in the dark corners of the attics.

• One of the local wholesale fruit stores had a consignment of spinach greens from Virginia Thursday morning and within a short time it was all taken up. This was the first lot of spinach to arrive here this season.

50 years ago, 1958

• After five years of drinking fluoridated water, 6-year-old schoolchildren in Norway have 90 percent less decay in their permanent teeth than the same age group did five years ago, the Maine Health & Welfare Department said today. Norway was the first Maine town to add fluorides to its water to prevent dental cavities.

• An idea conceived by a famous 83-year-old inventor became a reality today. The idea was paper that stretches without ripping – a product that could be used in grocery bags and sacks and many other applications of wrapping and packaging. The unusual toughness of the paper may enable manufacturers to use up to 25 percent less paper and still turn out better products.

25 years ago, 1983

• John Riggins thundered through Miami’s defense for a record 166 yards and scored the winning touchdown on a breakaway 43-yard run in the fourth quarter as the Washington Redskins beat the favored Dolphins 27-17 in Super Bowl XVII Sunday.

• An estimated 2,000 people, including representatives from 46 American and Canadian snowshoe clubs, made the most of poor snow conditions to enjoy one of the “best ever” National Snowshoe Congress in Lewiston this weekend. Snowshoe races, which are the focus of each annual congress, were expected to be held at Montello School track Saturday morning.

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