• One of the industries which deals with small things, yet which is one of the utmost importance to the country’s commerce, is the manufacture and export of spool wood. This business is peculiar to the New England states and is centered in Maine. Spool factories of this state are now turning out 8 million spools annually, with a market value of nearly $1,000,000.

• Is is understood that parties from Massachusetts are to cut ice on Lake Maranacook. No ice has been shipped out of Winthrop out of this lake since 1890, when a lot was sent to the South.

50 years ago, 1958

• WASHINGTON – American Motors President George Romney urged Congress today to split up the power of the corporate and labor giants in the automobile industry. He also contended the people are demanding smaller cars. Romney, whose company produces the Rambler, recommended legislation requiring General Motors and Ford to break up into smaller companies. He also urged that the United Auto Workers Union be compelled to divide its bargaining forces.

• CAPE CANAVERAL – An Air Force Atlas made a beautiful take-off in a test firing today, flew normally until its engine cut off – and then about a minute later it blew up while in a ballistic coasting flight. The Air Force emphasized in an announcement later that the huge intercontinental ballistic missile was not purposely destroyed, but destroyed itself.

25 years ago, 1983

AUBURN – A $94-million ethanol-products plant planned for Auburn came one step closer to being a reality Tuesday as the Maine Guarantee Authority conditionally approved an application for $5.5 million in state loan guarantees for the project.

The ethanol plant, planned by D.W. Small and Son Inc. of Ellsworth, E.C. Jordan and Co. Inc. of Portland and Cianbro Corp. of Pittsfield, would be located in the Auburn-Lewiston Industrial Airpark. The plant would be operated by New England Ethanol Products and produce 25 million gallons of fuel-grade ethanol annually.

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