One side believes global warming can ruin the Earth, and another believes global warming has no effect. Both have supporting evidence, but only one side has the truth.

My opinion leans toward “it’s a problem.” I always thought global warming is a problem. I have seen the charts and samples, the speeches and evidence, and to me it all makes sense. When you stop and think about it, you realize this is really happening.

Even though the other evidence says temperature has only gone up one degree here, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. Elsewhere in the world, the changes are dramatic. I think about the future, and right now, it’s not looking too good. Species will die, the ocean will change. Nothing will change my mind.

I think this is a problem, and I’m going to keep thinking it’s a problem until it is fixed.

Here’s what people should do. The most important thing is to be an influence on the people who will be affected by warming. They will either save the world, or let it crash. Who are these people? They are the children.

Talk about global warming with them. Talk about how much of a problem it is, or, even better, do little things that make them want to help. Use different light bulbs. Take two minutes less in the shower. Once the children are involved, they have the potential to help.

Who knows, they might be the one to save the world.

Briannah L. James

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