PERU – Trailmaster Joe Kerr shared his concern Monday night with selectmen that complaints about snowmobilers tracking snow onto public roads had reached him from Augusta rather than from Peru.

“The person should have called me rather than going straight to Augusta,” Kerr said.

Selectman Jim Pulsifer said, “I agree with you, but they should have called the town first.”

Pulsifer said they would like to know the name of the caller, but Kerr said he preferred not to say.

Kerr said snow is deep on the trails now, but groomers try to smooth out any trace of snow that gets on the roads. He admitted there are some snowmobilers who rev up after crossing a road and that throws snow across the road. The club tries to discourage that, he said.

“We can certainly look into the issue, and we appreciate all your club does for the trails in town,” Selectman Laurieann Milligan said.

Selectmen said the club does good work maintaining approximately 40 miles of trails in Peru.

In another matter, selectmen’s secretary Kathy Hussey said Florence Hastings, who lives on River Road, had called the town office Monday to say that because of early morning accidents in Canton, people were driving down River Road who didn’t know the bridge was closed. They had to turn around at her house.

Hastings has been troubled since the bridge over River Road was closed by the state Department of Transportation because it was unsafe.

Pulsifer asked Hussey to call Canton and see if the town could put up a “Not a throughway” sign.

“I was out on the roads early this morning and I saw how people were plowing their driveways across the roads,” Selectman Rodney Jamison said. “I think our road crew is doing a great job considering all the things they have to deal with.”

There will be no selectmen’s meeting next Monday due to the Presidents Day holiday.

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