• Lincoln’s birthday was generally observed in the Lewiston schools, except in the lowest grades and the high schools. Songs, recitations, quotations, etc… to commemorate the day were given.

• Last evening at the home of Homer Chase Jr., 24 Madison St., the Daniel Boone Club held a banquet after which speeches were heard from the various members, and everyone enjoyed themselves until a late hour. The members were all dressed in moccasins, red sweaters and toboggan caps.

50 years ago, 1958

• Don’t pity the 1,800 people wintering in Greenville, which is pretty consistently New England’s coldest community. They like it that way. Today, the mercury slumped to 23 below. And there are 42 inches of snow on the ground – where it has been piled up 10 or more feet high. Greeville folk are a hardy lot. They’re used to their rugged winters; they dress for the weather; and as Mrs. Clifford Sawyer said, “I guess we like it.”

• Top union officials representing Bates Manufacturing Co. workers voted last night in favor of a one-year extension of the present working contract, averting a possible strike of some 5,000 textile workers in Lewiston and Auburn.

25 years ago, 1983

• Some of the nearly 600 Auburn street lights turned off three years ago will apparently shine again. Lights were turned off in 1980 as a cost-cutting measure, and there has been substantial public protest.

• Auburn firefighters are taking the emergency room to the patient, successfully, with Rescue 1, a service that is one spoke in the wheel of Tri-County Emergency Medical Services. “It works very well. We have one of the best systems in this part of the country,” said Fire Department Capt. Chuck Berube. EMS has come a long way since the ’50s and ’60s, when the service consisted of “throw them in the stretcher, get them to the hospital.” Pvt. Greg Bloom added.

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