Is your winter skirt bunching up around your knees? Are your pants sticking to your tights? If so, it’s not unusual this time of year. When the air is dry, static cling is everywhere. We found a few ideas that may help relieve the cling.

– Try lotion on your legs. After a shower or bath, apply lotion to your legs, front and back. Or apply lotion directly to your pantyhose and tights.

– Secure a small safety pin to your slip or to the lining of your skirt.

– Try vinegar as a fabric softener in the rinse cycle.

– Consider an aerosol hair spray. Spray directly on your pantyhose, tights or socks.

– A dryer sheet may help. Rub directly on your clothing.

– Static Guard. It’s easy to use. Spray directly on your skirts, pants or dress. It usually lasts all day.

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