The recent Associated Press story concerning Saafa Wadi joining the U.S. Army after immigrating to Lewiston has struck a responsive cord with me, and it comes as no surprise. As a younger man, I frequently escaped the frenetic and frantic business life in Boston to renew and refresh in the Lewiston area.

I always found the people of Lewiston to be warm, generous and accepting of my emigration.

Throughout American history, recent immigrants to our shores have been so impressed with the vitality of our democracy and the genuine nature of our hospitality that they have chosen to defend this republic, though the ink on their visas was barely dry.

In the American Revolution, Haitian immigrants helped defeat the British at the Battle of Charleston.

The Irish disembarked from the boats straight into the Union Army ranks, and the immigrants from Nazism in the late 30s made significant contributions to the defeat of Hitler.

Saafa Wadi’s enlistment is of the best in our history, its customs and traditions. There must be something of great value that he has experienced within the Lewiston community that motivates and drives him to return to the war zones and put himself at risk in our defense. It’s the people, eh?

My sincerest compliments to the Lewiston community. It should be justifiably proud.

Jack Griffiths, San Diego,Calif.

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