“Americans are not getting the full picture,” and “You and I can walk down the streets of Baghdad.” Such were the statements issued by John McCain after his visit last year to the Green Zone and surrounding areas.

What a great photo-op it was for him, to say the mission, the economy, the streets, and the open-air markets in Iraq were all safe and sound. And there he was in the market, viewing the wares – everything in good order.

Especially in good order was the media coverage of the event, most of which was content to issue McCain’s proclamations without the full picture. Had they widened the cameras, they might have included the 100 soldiers surrounding the senator that day. They could have included the three attack helicopters and two Apache gunships, which were also employed for safety during the hour-long market visit.

McCain could have mentioned these troops. Normally, he glows when he speaks of our armed forces, so why not express his appreciation for their special protection during the market visit?

Apparently, he had a different point to make, a different agenda to carry out.

Skill with half-truths appears to be an excellent credential for running for president these days.

If we want a president who doesn’t lie, we had better start doing our homework on candidates who do.

Eileen Kreutz, Industry

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