Hooray! It’s snowing. Time to sled, slide in the snow. So when you’re crossing your fingers and hoping to hear that school closing report on TV or radio, the highway drivers are getting their equipment ready. Gas tanks are filled and sand is loaded so the fleet will be ready to roll when drivers are given the “go ahead” once the storm hits the area.

The snowplow operators are skilled drivers; however, their job is hard and dangerous. They must face flying hunks of ice, poor visibility in swirling snow and the challenges created by others who are playing and driving while they are trying to make our roads safe for travel. Let’s give these brave operators a break and the respect they deserve.

When riding in a car:

• Follow plows at a safe distance. They weigh about 17 tons and are nine times heavier than cars. The operators must rely on side and rear mirrors to see beyond a narrow area. And they must move much slower than posted speed limits while doing their work.

• Do not pass plows in unsafe areas, or tailgate. Even plowed roads can be slippery and passing is dangerous.

• Do not crowd the snowplow; the driver needs a lot of room to push snow and must always remain alert in this serious role.

The snowplow operators deserve everyone’s thanks for doing their job so well in such adverse conditions.

Phillip Webber Sr., Sabattus

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