Has anyone ever wondered if the environmentalists are ruining this country? Just look around. From Maine to California, it’s in the news every day now.

Here in Maine, they want to ban incandescent light bulbs. Why? They contribute to global warming.

Out in California, they want to ban people from using the fireplaces in homes during winter. Why? It contributes to global warming.

Are the gas prices high enough? This country imports gas as well as oil, more and more every day. The nation’s refineries cannot handle the load anymore. Build new ones? Environmentalists won’t let them be built anywhere. They are against drilling new oil wells, burning wood or coal, and against wind turbines (it ruins the scenery, you know). Nuclear power? When pigs fly!

It won’t stop unless people say they have had enough. Our lives will just continue to decline every day. Paychecks will not keep up with all the new laws. The socialist states of America is right around the corner.

Don’t blink.

Clem Bechard, Lewiston

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