At the end of November in 2007 Lewiston High School hosted a Literacy Fair. The purpose of the fair was to promote reading and writing at all ages. Both Mrs. Bushway’s eleventh grade English class and Ms. Bolduc’s LRTC Early Child Occupation class prepared the events for the morning.

Mrs. Bushway’s class created small story books varying on topics such as pets, family and sports. Ms. Bolduc’s class prepared multiple activities for the kindergartners. Activities that were created were games that helped the kindergartners to learn their ABC’s and to count. In the morning of the event two kindergarten classes from Martel School came to Lewiston High School where Mrs. Bushway’s class read the stories they created to the kindergartners. Then they played the games that were prepared by Ms. Bolduc’s class. The entire event went really well. The goal was to inspire the love of reading and writing to all ages, which both teachers agree that this goal was accomplished.

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