The oil companies are profiting by the million. Prices of heating oil, diesel and gas rise daily. Groceries, milk and other things have gone up. Health insurance has gone way up. Stamps are going up. Jobs are gone, or going.

If you’re self-employed, there’s not enough work supply and gas costs rise daily. All of us have to pray for enough work to stay in business. Our government seems not to care.

Who is going to do all the services? It means the local diesel and auto mechanics will be gone. Also painters, paperers, deliverers, furnace technicians, local oil companies, log haulers, truckers and farmers; and the local corner store, too. Gone!

Think about “Change” when you vote this fall. Get rid of the “good old buddies” who have been in Congress for years, and some new ones too, who cannot control their spending and slipping-in special projects. Stop farm subsidies to rich people.

Those in Congress should have to pay for their own health insurance and their working vacations; and instead of lifetime paychecks, they should collect Social Security, or work like the rest of us will have to do – into our 80s. It’s time they live like the rest of us (on a ever decreasing budget).

Sheila Richardson, Turner

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