That nine retired generals and admirals support Sen Barack Obama does not ensure that he is qualified to be commander-in-chief. They have their pensions. It is their replacements that would shoulder extracting this country from Obama’s international blunders of inexperience.

P.T. Barnum said “A sucker is born every minute,” and Obama is reeling them in just as fast with his charisma and smooth talk. Too bad that is all he has to offer.

Experienced enough in Washington and world politics to lead this country? Hardly. A man three years into his first Senate term, with nearly two of those spent campaigning for the presidency, hasn’t any more know-how about maintaining this nation on the course the Founding Fathers set than several other White House occupants best left unnamed.

John F. Kennedy becoming president at a young age was an exception, but he was battle-tested on the world stage first. Obama is not another JFK, by any means, and sorry, Oprah, he is also not the one, nor the coming of the messiah she equates him to be.

Of Pearl Harbor at the beginning of World War II, Japanese Admiral Yamamoto said all it accomplished was to awaken a sleeping giant. This giant of a country is sleeping again, as shown by caucus and primary levels thus far.

Voters need to wake up before they find that after next January, they changed more than just the politics of Washington, but the form of government, too.

John R. Davis, South Paris

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