Few people are aware of the massive construction project necessary to erect wind turbines.

Large roads are needed to accommodate cement trucks and bulldozers. Clear-cutting of trees on mountains will result in run-off of mud and debris into Garland and Roxbury ponds and the Swift River.

The noise and flashing lights atop the towers, in addition to being offensive, will damage eagle nesting areas, flying birds and wintering deer yards. Needless to say, property values will decrease.

Occasionally a wind turbine has been known to fail and cause a fire. Can you imagine the damage from a forest fire?

And yes, areas around turbines are often gated, prohibiting access to hunters and recreational use.

I must commend the townspeople of Byron for attempting to save our precious and beautiful area, and reprimand the townspeople of Roxbury. The campowners of Roxbury Pond are the village’s largest taxpayers, yet have no vote and were sold out for “30 pieces of silver.”

Therefore, a process may begin to secede from Roxbury and join Andover.

Richard G. Theriault, Rumford

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