General Orders No. 32, which was issued from the War Department at Washington, D.C., under date of March 9, 1908, and which has been received at the office of the adjutant-general at Augusta, contains amendments to various paragraphs of the Army Regulations, among them paragraph 213, relative to the arrangement of the stars in the union of the United States flag, in consequence of the admission of Oklahoma to statehood, which reads as follows:

“213, the field of union of the national flag in use in the army will, from and after July 4, 1908, consist of forty-six stars, in six rows, the first, fourth and six rows to have eight stars, and the second and fifth rows seven stars each, in a blue field.

50 years ago, 1958

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – America fired its third satellite into orbit around the Earth Wednesday but the newest man-made moon may exist only a few days in space. Explorer III, an 80-inch-long metal tube with instruments designed to solve some of the secrets of the outer atmosphere, was blasted aloft by the Army’s Jupiter-C rocket at 12:38 p.m. EST.

• Auburn motorists were given first warning last night that the Auburn Parking District plans to follow the pattern set in Lewiston and it now will be necessary to feed the parking meters in the Auburn business section on Monday nights. Lewiston took similar action a year ago.

25 years ago, 1983

• Prospects for Lewiston to have competing bus services to southern locations is one bus stop closer to its destination as Trailways Bus Co. recently received approval from the Interstate Commerce Commission to serve the area. Lewiston-Auburn is currently served by Greyhound Bus Lines, which travels north and south in the state, while Trailways has only served the Portland area.

• Lewiston’s decision to seek a federal grant for renovation of the Coca-Cola building on Park Street so it can become a new headquarters for the Police Department is sensible. The city is in a position to make a good case for funding from the $4.6-billion jobs bill approved by Congress.

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