NORWAY – The new time and temperature clock at KeyBank has been repositioned to replicate the position of the original clock, a Main Street landmark for decades.

“We moved it from the corner so it could be the same,” said Terry Twitchell, KeyBank vice president and branch manager.

A time and temperature clock was erected at Norway National Bank, the precursor to KeyBank, some 50 years ago. It was replaced with a new digital clock because the original clock was so old it was nearly impossible to service, Twitchell said. Parts for it had to be specially manufactured in Colorado or Arizona.

The old rotating sign clock measured about 5-by-5 feet and weighed between 800 and 900 pounds. It has been moved to an undisclosed location in Norway. Representatives from KeyBank, Norway Savings Bank and Norway Downtown hope to raise money to restore it some day and place it back downtown.

While the new clock has been in place for several months, passers-by commented that it wasn’t perpendicular to Main Street as the old clock had been. So, on Tuesday, employees from Neokraft Sign in Lewiston, which took down the original clock and put up the new one, returned to reset the mount and put the clock back up on the corner of the bank so it could be viewed head-on by pedestrians and motorists.

Additionally, the temperature, which had not been working correctly, was reset.

Twitchell said he checked with three businesses downtown that also have time and temperature clocks to make sure everyone had the same temperatures set.

At 9 p.m. Tuesday the temperature read 60 degrees.

“That was right,” Twitchell said Wednesday. A cold front blew in overnight, sending temperatures plummeting again.

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