Shelby, born in 1996, is a beautiful young lady with long, light blonde hair and hazel eyes. Personable, fun and inquisitive, she is in need of a nurturing adoptive family.

Shelby likes to read and can be quite animated when reading to younger children. She also likes to write stories and enjoys singing and dancing. She is a deep thinker and loves to challenge herself with new thoughts and information.

Shelby, who is bashful and timid, is working on boundaries and making friends. She seeks adult approval and likes to be helpful in the house and during mealtime. A sensitive child, she loves animals and wants a family who has some.

She has a brother, a sister and three stepsiblings with whom she would like to maintain contact.

Shelby would do best with a nurturing two-parent family able to provide structure and routine. It is also important that she is the youngest or only child in a family. An adoption subsidy may be available for the most appropriate family.

Athlete twin brothers

seek a patient family

Jerry and Terry are twin brothers who are very close and get along great. They are polite, athletic and can be affectionate with each other and with adults.

They both play soccer and basketball. Their foster mother says they are both athletic and talented. In school, they are taking French, which they say is their favorite class. They also enjoy music and art during the school day.

Jerry and Terry also get along well with their peers. Like most boys their age, they like to play video games and watch TV sometimes, but they are far more likely to be found outside year-round playing sports, riding bikes or playing in the snow. They are also learning to cook at home.

Jerry and Terry say they want a family with patience and an understanding of learning disabilities. They both love school but will likely need special services throughout their education. They are learning independent living skills in addition to their academics. An adoption subsidy may be available to the most appropriate family.

Shelby, Jerry and Terry are three of the 156 children currently in Maine Department of Health and Human Service’s care who are seeking an adoptive family. Based in Gardiner, A Family for ME is a nonprofit program that works in collaboration with Maine DHHS. A Family for ME & Chuck Pelletier Images of Lewiston, Maine have photographed 363 children for the Heart Gallery. 194 of those children have been placed in loving permanent homes. For more information, call -877-505-0545 or visit and see the Heart Gallery of photographs taken by Chuck Pelletier Images of Lewiston of some of the many children awaiting a “forever family.”

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