Not only was a quantity of liquor and quite a number of empty bottles found at 200 Main street, Auburn, Saturday night by the police while there raiding, but Henry Huse and Margaret Pitchforth were found in the same room. They were placed under arrest as well as the landlady, Mrs. William Hines. All three obtained bail soon after being arrested.

It was sort of a double raid which the Auburn police made Saturday night. In other words they killed two birds with one stone. Not only did they make discoveries at 200 Main street, where Mrs. William Hines resides which caused them to place her under arrest upon a liquor charge, but a man and woman were also arrested upon a statutory offense.

50 years ago, 1958

WASHINGTON – Turned out of the Capitol by Congress, youngsters stormed the White House 80 years ago to stake their claim to Easter Egg rolling on the green lawn. The annual custom continued until 1942, when it was halted as a waste of food in wartime. President Truman continued the ban, claiming the nation’s capital should set an example for food conservation. President Eisenhower, with four grandchildren of his own, revived the custom when he took office in 1953.

BRIDGTON – A multiple alarm fire destroyed one block and badly damaged a second in the lower square of the business district Sunday. Fire Chief Theodore Brown estimated damage at $150,000.

25 years ago, 1983

• A group of parents and other citizens plans to petition the Auburn School Committee on Wednesday to implement an interscholastic sports program at Auburn Middle School. The school has had only an intramural program since it opened in January 1981. The Committee in Support of Interscholastic Athletics at the Middle School says it wants to complement, rather than replace, the program.

• At one point, Volkswagen of America was selling 600,000 or more vehicles a year in the U.S., with most of them the long-familiar beetle, which the VW management maintained, changed every year, but not too much.

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