This is to thank the group of strangers who assisted me in the parking lot of BJ’s Dec. 7. I am living with amytrophic lateral sclerosis, (Lou Gehrig’s disease), and have little or no mobility in my arms, making my balance precarious at best. Combine that with the snow-covered ground in front of the store, I lost my footing while getting into the passenger seat of the car and landed on my shoulder and right arm, breaking it in three places.

Immediately, a woman who identified herself as Rosa jumped out of her car and came to my aid. She removed her coat and placed it under my head lifting it out of the snow and off the frozen ground. Other people followed removing their coats, covering my body until the ambulance arrived.

I don’t know if this happens everywhere in this country, but it sure was reassuring to experience the kindness in the acts of these complete strangers when I needed them most.

Kathaleen Alexander, Auburn

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