LITTLETON, N.H. (AP) – The New Hampshire man who was cleared of wrongdoing after fatally shooting a police officer’s killer got combative after he was convicted Tuesday on an unrelated charge in Littleton.

Gregory Floyd of Easton, 49, was found guilty Tuesday of threatening to shoot a neighbor following a five-hour trial. After the verdict, Floyd, who was using a cane, started threatening court officers and swearing.

Alma Jean Boisvert, who was granted a restraining order against Floyd, testified that Floyd threatened to pull a gun on her after they faced each other on Hummingbird Lane, a narrow road in Easton in December. The winding road has room for only one car at a time.

Boisvert had told police that her son was driving. She said she did not want to back up a hill and around a curve, when Floyd was on a straight part of the road and could back up more easily.

She said she asked Floyd if he had reverse on his truck, then said Floyd asked her the same, adding that he would not back up.

“‘Do you want me to pull a gun on you?”‘ she recalled him saying, testifying in Littleton District Court.

Boisvert, who knew that Floyd had killed Liko Kenney last May after Kenney had killed Police Cpl. Bruce McKay at a traffic stop, said, “No, because you’d use it.”

“‘And I wouldn’t miss,”‘ she testified he responded.

“I have no doubt,” she said she replied.

Eventually, Floyd’s wife arrived and backed up the truck. The next day, Boisvert got her restraining order, saying she was petrified of Floyd. “All of us for seven years have tried not to do anything to upset him,” she wrote in her application for the order.

Floyd acknowledged the confrontation, but denied threatening Bosivert.

Floyd has not been sentenced yet; prosecutors are recommending a yearlong sentence, with six months in prison and six months suspended. Judge John Cyr said he would take the matter under advisement.

Floyd’s lawyer says he plans to appeal the conviction and ask for a jury trial.

Floyd, an ex-Marine, was a passing motorist when he saw Kenney shoot McKay. He ended up killing Kenney with McKay’s own gun when Kenney would not drop his gun. Authorities said Floyd’s actions were justified.

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