This letter is in reference to a letter by Bert Dutil (April 19).

I also was disgusted to see the front page of the Sun Journal with the photo of American flags on the floor of the student center at the University of Maine at Farmington, put there by a 40-year-old student, and with a young veteran sitting on one of the flags.

This was supposed to be an art project.

I’m a World War II veteran and was always taught to have respect for our American flag. In the past years, I’ve been to large parades in Miami, Fla., and also many national American Legion conventions and notice very few people on sidewalks saluting or putting their right hands over their heart, even here in Rumford.

I’ve attended many sports events where the national anthem was played – same story. I am disappointed when kids at sporting events don’t hold their hands over their hearts, as well.

For those that think flags on the floor was desecration, I recall an American flag being painted on a house’s roof in Lewiston a few years back. How about that?

Henry Dupill, Rumford

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