On Sunday, April 20, we were driving from Auburn to Durham on Route 136. As we approached the area around the Durham boat launch, we noticed quite a bit of traffic. Slowly, we drove by and could see cars, people and many long boats. It turned out to be a rowing event between Bates and Bowdoin colleges.

We stopped further down and watched as boats went back and forth, some with four people and others with eight. It was wonderful to see such an event take place on the Androscoggin River.

For the past several years, during the Moxie Days, we have seen races for canoes and kayaks. Thanks to them for utilizing this great river. Growing up the L-A area, and seeing and smelling this dirty river, I did not think that I would see it slowly return to its more natural state.

Thanks to everybody that have helped to clean this great river – and keep it up. We now have several spots in the area that let people come down and use it; anybody thinking of stopping, do it soon. I give thanks to everybody who uses the great Androscoggin.

Jeannine S. Pelletier, Auburn

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