An impudent autoist on his way to Lewiston made a “short cut” across one of the fields of the Jordan farm on lower Main Street, Auburn, yesterday afternoon, and when his attention was called to the damage he was doing in cutting up the soft field and told to refrain in the future from trespassing with his machine upon the property, simply told George A. Allen who has charge of the farm where he might go. Mr. Allen said he had no intention of going to the place named, but immediately started toward the autoist with the idea of taking him “into camp” and making an example of a person capable of such conduct. But Mr. Autoist put on “high speed” and left in a hurry.

50 years ago, 1958

PORTLAND – The Coast Guard said Tuesday it will install a 200,000 candlepower beacon in historic Portland Head Light to replace a 30,000 candlepower unit installed years ago for the original whale-oil lamps. The new light, similar to those used at airports, will be visible 100 miles at sea as compared to a range of 16 miles at present.

• Tail lights out? Muffler full of holes? Horn not working? Headlight out of line? There is less than 24 hours left to get the car in shape if you want to drive it tomorrow. It’s deadline time again. The deadline at midnight tonight is for the spring motor vehicle inspection required by law in Maine.

25 years ago, 1983

• A Massachusetts corporation has begun construction of an amusement park which will include miniature golf, a dune-buggy track and an arcade on Center Street in Auburn. The A and S Corp. is building the park on part of a five-acre parcel across from Jim’s Auto Sales.

AUGUSTA – A bill to prohibit smoking in jury rooms was enacted Friday by the House and now goes to the Senate. The new draft of the measure, which was enacted by the House, bans smoking in any jury room unless all jury members present give consent for others to smoke.

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