I would like to apologize for my earlier letter (March 30).

I revised a familiar mantra that has been around forever, and made it fit the newspaper’s 250-word requirement. I did not include a footnote explaining this. My intent was not to plagiarize the piece. I felt its content was more relevant today than ever. My apologies.

I have figured out what I consider the main problem with our country today. We’ve lost focus of what made this country great – freedom and work. Slowly, the “freedoms” this country were founded upon are disappearing.

It has gotten so bad that “In God we trust” is traumatizing. To express your religious beliefs anywhere but under a blanket in your closet late at night, it seems, is shameful. (Unless, it seems, you’re from another country, or invented your own religion.)

We’ve lost the universal truth, “the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few.” Now, it’s the wants and needs of the few are shouldered and burdened by the many.

In 50 years, we have taken the famous quote (by a Democrat even), “Ask not what your country can do for you,” and turned it into “how little can I do.” Until this tide turns, this country will continue the shameful practice of selling its traditions, values, and morals for the sake of “diversity.”

Everything we do should be for the greater good for all, not just a few.

Diversity goes both ways.

Jamey Lebel, Buckfield

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