There are two different types of of tears, there’s protective tears, that wash away irritants, like onions. The other type of tear is the emotional tear which can be caused by sadness or happiness. It is said that tears contain three different chemicals that the body released by the body during stress. The first chemical is Leucine-enkephalin- which is mood elevating and pain reducing endorphin. There is also ACTH which is a hormone considered to be the most reliable indicator of stress. Finally there is Prolactin, that hormone regulates milk production in mammals.

Dr. William Frey believes that tears my be involved in removing toxic substances from the body. This is may be why you feel better after crying, not only are you releasing the emotions, but you are releasing toxic chemicals. Emotional tears have more minerals and toxins, while irritant tears are 98% water. On average, men cry 1.4 times per month, but women cry about 5.3 times a month.

There are different theories for why women cry more than men, one is that around the age of 18, women develop higher levels of the stress sensitive hormone called Prolactin. Also, men have sweat more than women, so they release toxic chemicals through their sweat glands. Autopsies from people who suffered from chronic depression have showed high concentrations of Manganese in the brain. They concluded that crying might keep depression at bay.

I think that usually, crying is good. When you cry over something little, like a 70 on a test, then nobody will try to comfort you when you are crying for a good reason. When someone is crying, I try to comfort them, but if I know they cry over silly things, I tend to steer clear. I didn’t know that it was possible to release toxic substances through tears, I thought that it was only salty water. When an onion makes you “cry” the tears are 98% water, I thought that all tears were all the same.

I think it is good for people to know that crying is good for you. You shouldn’t go around crying all day, but it is good to let you emotions out. It is also good to let out the toxic substances too. Guys shouldn’t make fun of women who cry, and guys shouldn’t make fun of other guys who cry; everyone cries.

This article would be good for Maine teens, because it would let them know that it is good to cry. If a guy should cry in school, other guys shouldn’t make fun of them, just because they are crying. If there is a good reason, people of both genders, shouldn’t be ashamed to cry.

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