This is in response to David Chirayath’s letter April 29. He suggests that I lied in my letter of April 25. A review of the Auburn City Council meeting of April 7, which I taped, shows the truth.

On the tape, Chirayath stated, “… I came up to visit with her (wife) and take a look at the community, (we) asked these fellow staffstaff and faculty members at Bates, where would you recommend as a good place to live? And without fail, the vast majority said you want to be in Portland, Falmouth or Brunswick. Do not stay in Lewiston-Auburn! They don’t have the services, they will not. The schools are failing, and this only goes to prove it.”

Chirayath’s touting of Bates’ benevolence toward the community is shear puffery. The programs he mentioned fulfill students’ requirements dictated by their academic curriculum.

The real services are provided to the Bates students being mentored by seasoned Lewiston teachers.

Chirayath complains, “They don’t have the services.”

Lewiston and Auburn are struggling communities. Their city councils and school committees work hard every year to provide residents quality services while trying to keep taxes affordable.

Although Bates has no legal obligation to pay taxes, doesn’t it have a moral obligation to monetarily assist our community through these hard times?

I would submit this is the real shame of the current situation.

Robert E. Macdonald, Lewiston

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