LEWISTON – The McMahon Elementary School honor roll for the third quarter has been announced.

High honors

Grade four: Courtney Desmarais, Tyler Poisson, Sylvia Schulze.

Grade five: Nicole Footer, Jessica Boulez, Emily Schulze.

Grade six: Morgan Bowen, Ronald Seguin.


Grade four: Samawada Hirsi, Madison McCallum, Ashley Adams, Alex Demers, Josie Desjardins, Chad Dumais, Devin Gendron, Michdel Danforth, Deven Miles, Matthew Lyons, Joshua Macey, Ashley Pomerleau, Olivia Bergeron, Corinne Laberge, Taylor Hopkins, Austin Wing, Fahad Hassan, Machaela Laramee.

Grade five: Erica Lemieux, Margaruette Seguin, Lucas Rushton, Drew Masse, Trevor Liick, Anna Child, Alex Grenier, Autumn Norse, Ty Murphy, Norah Schlax, Keenan Lynch, Nathan Cook, Andrea Hamel, Charles Bradrick, Matthew Gumprecht, Shawn Leclair-Pennington.

Grade six: Christopher Brown, Paige Clabby, Megan Larkin, Emily Rousseau, Megan Usher, Ryan Allen, Tim Carvalho, Shawn Gagner, Alex Mills, Abby Pleau, Taylor Roy, Erica Beaulieu, Taylor Vaillancourt, Taylor Hinson, Jonathan Gilchrist.

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