• Wanted: The young lad who took my pocketbook last Saturday night in the Woolworth Store, to either return it to the store or to my home, 24 Horton Street, to avoid further trouble.

• BANGOR – The first electrical storm of the season passed over this city at 3:30 this afternoon, heavy thunder and sharp lightning being accompanied by torrents of rain. The barn owned by George Rice on the Pushaw Road in Glenburn was set on fire by lightning and burned with contents of haying machinery, hay and three head of cattle. Loss about $3,000.

50 years ago, 1958

• The discussion of several requests for sidewalk repairs was the main item of business at a meeting of the Lewiston Public Works Board last night. It was voted to authorize PWD Director George J. Maher to do what is possible to correct the walk conditions at 143-147 Wood St. Fred W. Spencer said the walk was in deplorable condition and a PWD request for a new walk there had been erased from the budget.

25 years ago, 1983

• AUGUSTA – A proposal to make certain pesticide containers returnable would ensure safe disposal of potentially hazardous material. This testimony was given this week to the Agriculture Committee by Rep. Constance D. Cote, D-Auburn, co-sponsor of the measure. “It would apply to a specific group of pesticides, used primarily in agriculture, that are limited or restricted in their use by law.” The bill would establish a voluntary return program for the containers, exempting those made of cardboard, fiberboard or paper. ” The person who purchases the pesticide would return the container after properly rinsing it, and receive their deposit.” she said. Mrs. Cote said the system would encourage the return “of the containers while providing environmental safeguards against exposure to the potentially hazardous materials.” It also mandates pesticide dealers to place a sticker, supplied by the state’s Board of Pesticide Control, on the containers to identify the dealers and users of the pesticides and facilitate the return system.

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