HEBRON – One student wants to work for a newspaper when she is older, two others simply like to participate in school activities, but each is learning skills that will help them in the classroom as they put out the monthly edition of the Hebron Hawks Fly-By, the school newspaper.

“I always wanted to work for a newspaper,” said sixth-grade Hebron Station School student Jordan Schorr as she worked at a computer in the school lab researching an article for the next issue.

Schorr and three other fifth- and sixth-graders participate in the after-school newspaper club that has put out a five- to 10-page newspaper each month since December.

The idea was generated by parent Cheryl Timberlake, a newspaper editor. She said the students meet in the computer lab and decide on topics ranging from an article about a Confederate general to how to make a strawberry-banana smoothie. Each month, there is also a book review.

“We take turns doing the reports,” said Briana Morris, who along with Schorr, Andrew Hatch and Jeremiah Goodwin make up the newspaper team.

The newspaper, which is copied and distributed by school secretary Cheryl LaRoach, has lots of news, such as what’s going on in the various classes. In the April/May edition, for example, students and parents learned that fifth-graders wrote haikus and persuasive book reviews and that second-graders drew a caterpillar’s life cycle and made patterned quilts.

There were jokes, poems and fun facts in which students learned that bulls are color blind and that cockroaches can live up to nine days without their heads.

In each issue there are lots of coloring pages for the younger students, Timberlake said.

The last issue of the Hebron Hawks Fly-By, which is copied and distributed by school secretary Cheryl LaRoach, is expected to be out in the next few weeks.

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