As a member of the 2008 graduating class at Central Maine Community College, I would like to say all students mentioned in the two articles written by the Sun Journal deserve the praise and public regard they have earned.

I do wish the articles had mentioned the 11 students who graduated from the college’s newest major. At graduation, 10 other students and myself received an associate in applied science degree. As a member of the first class with a human services major to graduate from the college, I feel we deserved to be noticed and also want to congratulate my fellow human services majors.

We went to school for three years to help develop and create this newest program. We studied for numerous hours and had no time left over for family and other important things in our lives. We stressed out when we thought ourselves unprepared and unable to do the work presented to us. The frustration and tears shed because of that frustration cannot be measured.

But we were committed to getting our degrees and were successful in attaining them.

I also believe the instructor who dreamed of introducing and creating a new major at the college should receive a big thank you. He had a vision and successfully saw it through to completion.

Kathleen Mason, Greene

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