• A big improvement has been made in the appearance of the corner of Ridge and Webster streets by the cutting down of some ancient cedars that hid the view of the Tibbetts’ residence. When the repairs are made on the terrace work ,this corner will be the best looking in the village.

• From all appearances, Manager Charles L. Beede of the Lewiston baseball team has decided that he doesn’t care to remain in this city any longer. His players haven’t seen him since last Thursday and perhaps it is unnecessary to state that they haven’t received any pay since the league opened two weeks ago. A benefit game will be played today.

50 years ago, 1958

• BOSTON – American surgeons were told today that they would have a great deal of operating to do in the next 10 years with an increase of at least 2,000 cases annually of lung cancer. Dr. David Rutstein, professor of preventive medicine at Harvard Medical School, said there had been a clear increase in deaths from cancer by men since the middle ’20s with the result that there were 27,000 in 1955. While there are industrial hazards, Dr. Rutstein said evidence dating back to 1938 shows an increase in lung cancer among cigarette smokers, that smokers are 8 to 35 times more likely to have lung cancer than nonsmokers.

25 years ago, 1983

• AUGUSTA – The House on Tuesday gave all-but-final approval to a bill that would scrap Maine’s twice-a-year auto inspection system in favor of annual inspections. The auto-inspection bill, as rewritten, would boost inspection fees from $3 to $5 – along with the maximum $100 fines for violating the law. Inspectors who pass cars that do not meet safety standards could face fines up to $500. Motorists who drive uninspected vehicles could face $250 fines under terms of the measure.

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