AUGUSTA – On Sunday, June 8, at least 19 golf clubs around the State will celebrate Maine Junior Golf Day by offering free clinics for children 9 to 18 years old.

The free clinics will provide a broad introduction to the sport, including instructions on all facets of the game. Students will learn the proper stance, swing techniques and practice elements of their chipping and putting. They will also be introduced to basic golf etiquette.

Junior Golf Day is held in conjunction with Gov. John Baldacci’s “Take It Outside” initiative, a program intended to motivate adults into getting young people outside for activities.

The day will be broken into two clinics: Noon to 2 p.m. for ages 14-18; and 2 to 4 p.m. for ages 9-13.

Registration is required in advance and slots are limited. Among the local courses known to be participating are Sunday River in Newry, Sugarloaf in Carrabassett Valley, Norway Country Club, Bethel Inn and Country Club and Spring Meadows of Gray. Please call the club nearest you for more information.

Summit Springs

POLAND – Ladies League: Gross, A, Colleen Baird 46, B, Rita Ray 54, C, Mary Goss 61. Net, A, Jan Scott 32; B, Carolyn Gage 33; C, Alice Keene 37. Longest drive, A, Colleen Baird; B, Rita Ray; C, Alice Keene.


LEEDS – Men’s Twilight League, two-man blind draw, May 20: Gross, Brad Pattershall/Ethan Dumont 35, Tom Nason/Bill Crane 37; Net, George Ames/Jeff Kent 29, Gerry Laroche/Brandon Marcotte 31, Leo Bellemare/Scott Foster 31.


AUBURN – Men’s League, May 20, blind draw, points: John Masters/Mike Hayward 4.5, Fred Bishop/Jim Piper 3, Rick Miles/Mitch Sweetser 2, Richard Legendre/Tom Carey 1.5, Jon Whited/Tom Ray 1.5. Pins, No. 4, Corey Woodhead 15-0; No. 9, Bud Willey 13-1; No. 11, Jim Chaplin 5-3; No. 17, Reggie Pratt 6-2.

Women’s League, May 19, blind draw point quota: Kathy Rokowski/Cookie Dean 44, Nina Bartlett/Sylvia LeBlanc 44, Linda Gallagher/Janet Bishop 44. Pins, No. 11, Fran Blanchette 8-8; No. 17, Blanchette 5-2.

Goodbye Winter Scramble, May 18: Reggie Pratt/Lennie Asselin/Stu Cohen/Nina Bartlett 60, George Roberge/Steve Bartlett/Butch Leblanc/Mick Rokowski 61, Glen Fillion/Jim Chaplin/Mark Hodsdon/M.J. King 63, Janet Nelson/Bud Willey/Tim Goss/Ron Peyser 64, Neila Nelke/Mark Rock/Marjorie Fillion/Faye Brickel 64, Michael Garrity/Bill McPhee/Phyllis Ray/Linda Theriault 64, Dale Brown/Maureen Mayo/Sherm Arnold/Kathy Rokowski 64. Long drives, Men, Dan Labonte; Senior men, Erwin Hodsdon; Women, Nina Bartlett. Pins, No. 4, Linda Gallagher 3-3; No. 9, Butch Leblanc 19-0; No. 11, Neila Nelke 26-11; No. 17, Sherm Arnold 17-10.

Saturday, May 17: Class A, Gross, Dale Brown 73, Neil Mayo 77; Net, Brian Gallagher 70, Bob Brickel 73. B, Gross, Jim Chaplin 80, Lance Browne 81, Reggie Pratt 83; Net, Marty Dow 68, Tom Ray 70, Ray Bedette 70. Women, Gross, Neila Nelke 84, Ellen Pratt 69; Net, M.J. King 60, Diane Jordan 72. Skins, Gross, Brian Gallagher, Phil Nadeau, Terry Ricker, Peter Nadeau, Ron Blanchette, Ellen Pratt, John Turner; Net, Fran Blanchette, Lance Browne, Audrey Fillion. Four-ball, Gross, Peter Nadeau/Neil Mayo/Bill Welch/Glen Fillion 64, Jim Piper/Andy Stonehouse/Fred Hall Jr./Marc Kannegieser 66; Net, Jim Chaplin/Greg Stone/Cliff Biardi/Bill McPhee 57, Reggie Pratt/Tom Ray/Paul Labbe/Marty Dow 59.

Friday, May 16: Individual points, Dale Brown 7, Andy Stonehouse 6, Jeff Downing 5, Mitch Sweetser 3, Phil Nadeau 2. Pins, No. 4, Scott Lever 3-3, Dale Brown 21-5; No. 9, Donna Browne 26-10; No. 11, Phil Nadeau 5-2, Doug Craib 13-3; No. 17, Donna Browne 7-5, Neil Mayo 12-4.

Friday, May 16, Turner Game: Individual points, Doug Pocock 6, Dan Briggs 6, Andy Stonehouse 6, Steve Bacardi 6. Blind draw team points, Tim Millett/Ken Shaw 10, Rich Tremblay/Andy Stonehouse 8. Gary Goldberg/Steve Bacardi 4. Skins, Lance Browne, Mitch Sweetser, Steve Bacardi, Mike Belanger.

Poland Spring

POLAND SPRING – The Cage League: Team standings, Therrien/Anctil 36, Levesque/Pelletier 31, Wilson/Smith 30.5, Lacasse/Morneau 30, Labbe/Gendreau 30, Bourgault/Giberti 29, Roy/Deblois 27, Burroughs/Newcomb 26.5, Farrington/Breau 26, Gould/Meagher 25.5, Malia/Rogers 24.5, Kordalski/Henry 24.5, Mercier/Webber 23, Langelier/S. Anctil 20.5, Moulter/Baril 18.5, Legere/Bearudus 9. Gross, A, Paul Kordalski; B, Pat Henry 43. Net, A, Kordalski 32; B, Glen Deblois 31. Pin, No. 13, Tom Giberti 26-0. Super Bagger of the Week, Glen Deblois.

Apple Valley

LEWISTON – Twilight League, May 19: Team standings, Peter Wade/Marshall Gross 7.5, Ryan Booker/Bill Hunter 7.5, Marty Roop/Scott Barden 6, Chris Welch/Hayden Faucett 6, Steve Samson/Brian Genest 6, Bruce Milliken/Gary Landry 5.5, Jim Lebrun/Sean McCormack 5.5, Mark Elie/Marc Poulin 5.5, Dan D’Auteuil/Lance Vallee 5, Todd Michaud/Pat Beaupre 5, Gene Flaherty/Chad Landry 4, Moe St. Laurent/Maurice Samson 3.5, Dave Gregoire/Tim Pelletier 3.5, Bert Gosselin/Claude Marichal 3.5, Glen Fillion/Joe Fillion 3.5, Dick Cyr/Emile Clavet 3.5, Clark Bell/Al Ridley 3, Andy Durisko/Phil Pelletier 2, George Hopkins/Steve Roop 2, Lew Perry/Kevin Calder 2. Gross, Chris Welch 34; Net, Peter Wade 26. Pins, No. 3, Bruce Milliken 14-0; No. 5, Peter Wade 7-11.


POLAND – May 18, two-ball: Fred Barber and Tony York defeated Dave Greenlaw and Paul Luce in the second hole of a sudden-death playoff. Both teams were 10-under. Dan Gurney and Dan Lavoie won the 50/50.

Fox Ridge

AUBURN – Lewiston Paint League, May 15: Team standings, Salterio/Van Gagnon 36, Houlihan/Rodrigue 36, Buchanan/Brown 34.5, Paquette/Rountree 33.5, Tiner/Brisette 33, Vachon/Brousseau 32, Theriault/M. St. Pierre 31.5, Lecompte/Duval 31.5, Baker/J. Ouellette 31, Geiger/Nadeau 30, Butler/Rioux 29, Morin/Bolduc 28.5, Bauer/Leblanc 28.5, Pearson/Witonis 27, Gagnier/Blais 26, R. St. Pierre/Dufour 24.5, Theberge/D. Ouellette 24, Costello/McDonough 23.5.

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