AUBURN – Results from the annual Auburn Parks & Recreation and Auburn Exchange Club fishing derbies:

May 3

Bass division (ages 9-10): Largest fish, Keegan L’Italien, 14 inches, 13 ounces; Greatest total length, Brittany Jalbert; Greatest total weight, Samantha Blanchette, 37 ounces.

Trout division (11-12): Largest, Luke Lozis, 14 inches, 12 ounces; Total length, Taylor Vaillancourt; Total weight, Daniel Wesley, 22 ounces.

Salmon division (13-15): Largest, Tyler Jordan, 12 inches, 10 ounces; Total length, Brandon Oliver; Total weight, Dylan Hill, 14 ounces.

First fish caught: Tyler Jordan, age 13; Last fish caught: Corey Phillips, age 11.

May 10

Perch division (ages 7-8): Largest, Sam Michaud, 14 inches, 1 pound, 1 ounce; Total length, Alex Goulet, 48 inches; Total weight, Richard Thurston, 31 ounces.

Sunnies division (ages 5-6): Largest, Tatiana St. Hilaire, 1 pound, 3 ounces; Total length, Kaylee Johnson, 5 inches; Total weight, Kylie Blanchette, 21 ounces.

Minnows divisions (ages 3-4): Largest, Kirsten Wing, 11 inches, 8 ounces; Total length, Wing, 44 inches; Total weight, Wing, 29 ounces.

First fish caught: Kailey Hart, age 6; Last fish caught: Richard Thurston, age 7; Total registered: 92.

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